translated from Spanish: They revealed how was murdered one of the Israeli tourists in Mendoza

analyses complementary autopsy of Prihya Suarowsi, the israeli woman murdered in Mendoza in January together with his sister, Lily Pereg, and mother of Nicolas Gelad Pereg, the only arrested in the case, revealed that the woman was strangled with a bow.
«It was determined that the cause of death was strangulation with a rope,» said public prosecutor in a statement where he recalled that when autopsies were performed both victims if is established that Lily (54) had received three bullets.

The Prosecutor in charge of the case, Claudia Ríos, anticipated that next Monday will ask the remand of Pereg, since there are»sufficient» to do so.

Gilad Pereg, former israeli soldier accused of the murder of his mother and his aunt details double femicide sisters Lily and Prihya had come to Mendoza on January 11. The next day, Gilad was them to look to their home in Guaymallén Department in micro. That was the last news that had on women. Monday 14, 37-year-old man, made the allegation by investigation of the whereabouts of his mother and his aunt. Gilad said first as witness to that day, he sent them to take the bus back to the apartment that rented and never again have contact with them. However, on 26 January, after a new RAID on the property of the man, police scientific found the bodies of the two sisters covered with stones and Earth in a sector of the venue, so that Gilad was detained. The man insists that he take her cats to jail to feed them. In this note:

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