translated from Spanish: Wave of criticism of Cubillos by lying about Bachelet and Boric Inclusion Act speaks of «tour of shame»

The national tour of the Minister of education Marcela Cubillos to promote the project admission just continues to speak. Secretary of State step by step registers your journey in social networks, and continues making Sparks with his comments.
This time, a Tweet where pointed out that Inclusion of applicable law prohibits interviews caused the controversy. «School admission system puts a wall between families and schools. Law prohibits parents ask interview in school that the power splitter. «he derived them, and who may not know, even after registering it», wrote the Secretary of State during his visit to San Carlos, region of Ñuble.
Moreover, he commanded to «read law» in a tuitero that it made him see that it was a mistake. «Read the law. Conducting interviews is prohibited during the admission process. They are allowed only after enrolled. The head of the Ministry of education are not allowed even for the benefit of parents that want to inform», wrote very safe.
However, say the law simply revise the law 20.845 of Inclusion school, that regulates the admission of students, eliminates the shared financing and prohibits the nonprofit at educational institutions who receive contributions from the State, to realize that the Minister incurs an error.
According to article 7 ° bis, the law says explicitly that «interviews carried out at this stage must be requested by parents or proxy, will be voluntary and will have a purpose only information and knowledge of the» educational project. Therefore, is forbidden that these constitute a requirement or requirement within the stage of application».
There are even an article 7 quater which establishes that «educational institutions always implement interviews with parents and proxy already enrolled students, in order to deliver real operational adherence and commitment with the educational project prescribed in the sixth paragraph of article 7 bis».
That is, inherited law from the time of Bachelet Yes has interviews, and does not prohibit them, as noted by the Minister.
«Lies and more lies».
Cubillos comment generated strong reactions. For Magellan Deputy, Gabriel Boric, «tour of shame to the law of the Inclusion of the Minister Cubillos is reaching intolerable limits for those who have a little respect for the truth».
«I think that Minister Cubillos with his populist statements and lies has done a disservice to its cause. I hope that you as opposition, beyond legitimate differences, we are at the height,»he said.
The constitutional lawyer Fernando Atria also questioned the Secretary of State and said that their sayings are «lies and more lies».
«The law prohibits the establishment require interviews, such as prohibited require photo on the CV. But allows parents to ask for them,»reminded, enclosing the legal article which contradicts to the Secretary of State.
Gonzalo Muñoz, academic of the Diego Portales University and former head of the Division of General education (SDR) of the Ministry of education also entered in the debate. In his view, the only thing clear from the fair admission of the Government project is it gives holders the right to request interviews the families, what he called a «huge setback and a window for discrimination».
«I think the honest thing is that @mineduc will definitely recognize that idea is to directly replace the selection of schools. Keep saying that #AdmisiónJusta is to recover choice of families simply is not faithful to the truth,»he said on Twitter.
Meanwhile, the Minister continues his tour by the South Center of the country, where he has visited cities such as Puerto Montt, Linares, Talca, Curicó, Talcahuano, San Pedro de la Paz and Chillán. Focus has been put on their meetings with parents and guardians, on a tour which has also been criticized by officials of the Ministry and teachers for millionaires costs.

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