translated from Spanish: 7 pieces of lingerie for Valentine’s night

every woman wants to look sexy on the night of Valentine’s day and to achieve this you should pay close attention to the type of lingerie you are going to use, since it will be your biggest ally to surprise your partner. You can choose among a set of lingerie that is classic and traditional or something more daring and sexy as a baby doll with lace, the idea is that you feel comfortable with the garment. Here are a few options that you can find on Amazon so you look beautiful and sexy without losing your essence. A must for all tastes! 1. Babby doll a Babby doll is bold, charming and very sexy that melts every man before the. So surprise your partner with one of them. There is a wide variety of models either semi transparent, with lace all will make you look gorgeous.

Baby doll with lace and transparency.

2. dress lace lace will never be fashionable and love men admire them, because it is a nice touch, which, in turn, does not show much. Thus a lace dress for the evening of Valentine’s day is a good choice to surprise him, which also gives the touch of romance.

Red dress with V neck with lace.

3 Body´s bodys occupy an important place in fashion, as the sex symbol choose much by this option, since it is a garment that fits as outwear both as interior molding figure to look radiant. So, for the night of Valentine’s day feel free to highlight your figure with this garment.

body with details of lace 4. Satin Nightgown and Yes you are which prefer to not teach a lot and leave to the imagination, satin Nightgowns will be your ally, is a very comfortable garment and also sexy and meant for those who are a little more reserved.

Nightie satin black.

5 Bralette No matter the color you choose this option of garment will always be a favorite of all that combines three important elements to this day which are: romantic, sexy, and seductive.

6 kimono Kimono is a very comfortable and at the same time Coquette, is perfect to wear it every night since it is very versatile and you can use it as part of your pajamas. Its fabric is very comfortable and soft.

Kimono sexy white 7. Light and even if the light is not part of the underwear, didn’t want to let him name in these options, because it is a very cute accessory that will put you at your night something of Picardy and the sensual touch.

Light in black coor this note:

Original source in Spanish

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