translated from Spanish: Alleged fraud company contracted to bachear in CDMX

the Agency of urban management (AGU) of the city of Mexico gave a contract for 49 million 977 thousand pesos, to a company that allegedly invented potholes in the Pacific Ocean, pretended to work, and He falsified documents to defraud the Exchequer in 2018.
CDMX government accuses the administration of Mancera authorized 48 buildings irregular technology urban applied S.A de C.V had to bachear the avenues of the 16 United States mayors. However, the company supervisor, responsible for monitoring the works, High Quality Sytems S.A de C.V, reported that the contractor was only 15% of the work, and simulated the rest using as supporting photographs of tunnels that had already been covered in other works.
To make matters worse, alleged irregularities were detected in 15% of the work performed. For example, urban technology said that it had with infrastructure and quality material for bachear the streets of the CDMX, but the supervisor documented in photos and videos that actually used gravel with sand and stone to plug holes, which is inconsistent with the hand.
In addition, they identified that they allegedly used bases of taxis as ‘stores’, and that they were transporting work material in private cars and trucks.

Created in 2013 by the ex-Chief of City Government, Miguel Angel Mancera, to monitor the quality of public works in the CDMX, the AGU had knowledge of all the alleged irregularities of applied urban technology, and still freed the payments to the contractor.
Earrings that leaves the administration of Mancera Sheinbaum did counterfeiting in official documentation the signature of the head of the firm supervisor for the works, according to a complaint filed with the body’s control of the AGU.
The contract for 49 thousand 977 million pesos to cover potholes was awarded at the end of the last administration, with Jaime Slomianski as holder of the AGU, through an open tender in which there was competition with other companies.
In fact, the company won the bid, even though your social twist is to organize advertising campaigns with hostesses, it did not have experience in previous work of patching, and was not registered in the register of suppliers.
The alleged irregularities, Toshimi Jacob Hira, in charge of the direction of control of the AGU in the new Government of Claudia Sheinbaum, instructed the Comptroller of the Department of works to initiate an investigation on these facts.
For his part, urban technology declined to grant an interview. However, through its legal representative, denied verbally committing any irregularities, and said that he did all the work ordered in time and form.
Urban Management Agency: an experiment to better govern the image you can see how cold patch material is waste of sand, stone and asphalt. Plug potholes with sand on 30 July of 2018, the AGU hired for 2 million 843 thousand pesos to High Quality Integrated Systems, that oversee the works, on the same day dependence hired urban technology applied to it bacheara the avenues of the capital between August 3 and November 1, 2018.
According to the law of works of the CDMX, High Quality should validate that every engaged bump was repaired and quality material, as well as of the works, was agreed. He was the caretaker of the AGU on site; She was obliged by law to report anomalies, and authorize payments to the contractor, to the capital unit release resources.
However, during monitoring, High Quality documented that applied urban technology committed multiple irregularities, that the AGU had knowledge before you release the complete payment of the contract to this company.
For example, October 15, 2018, in a trade for José Antonio Ruiz Maldonado, in that then head of unit patch of the AGU, the supervisor said to have detected that covered potholes, days before, were already shelled.
«Presumed bad quality materials and the deficient application of this, in addition to the lack of skilled labour, that, in turn, derives in bad work of patching,» reported the company supervisor who took videos and photographs, of which this medium keeps copy which shows potholes with sand, gravel and asphalt, which is unloaded scratching even with fingers.
Political animal also visited several points that applied urban technology bacheó, as avenues of towers and ring road, Hermitage, Guelatao, the Iztapalapa Mayor. And all found that, while roads had been bacheadas just a month earlier, these were already full of holes.
Bumps covered by the contractor is stripped completely within a few days. In the same craft, High Quality added that although contract applied urban technology should have vehicles «with a maximum of three years» in use for work carried out, the contractor used «vehicles» to transport the material, and that, in addition, bases of taxis as a warehouse used to store the sacks with patching material; situation that also documented in photographs.
The company supervisor documented that the contractor used the urban management agency trucks to transport material of work.» «They have used taxis, dump trucks, trucks of redilas, private vehicles, scooters, and even trucks, which are vehicles that do not comply with the contract specifications», complained in the letter, which also said that the employees of the contractor had no social security, and that did not have basic safety features, such as overalls with enhancing, gloves, helmets, boots, as well as identification badges.
Here you can consult the full office.
Trade 15 October Maldonado by on Scribd in a video taken by the supervisor, also appreciates that the contractor transported material in a truck with logos of the Government of the city of Mexico and of the own AGU, which could involve an overrun and an irregularity , since the company was hired to do the works with their own resources, and not with the unit who paid him.
Counterfeit signatures to validate irregularities two days later, October 17, 2018, the supervisor asked in writing to Ricardo Jaral Fernandez, ex of the direction of improvement of the road infrastructure of the AGU, which interrupted payments to Urban technology applied, since this not delivered proof of patching.
And in another targeted trade supervisor sent to the former Director of patching, Ruiz Maldonado, an extensive with more irregularities report, as the contractor reported twice as many potholes that plugged. (Check here the document).
However, urban applied technology gained 49 million 977 thousand integral weights of its contract.
This was possible, reported High Quality, because their signatures as a company supervisor were falsified in the estimates for payment to the contractor, and in the final minutes of delivery of the works, which was reported to the Comptroller of the works of the CDMX.
In the case of three bi-weekly estimates of payment, that Animal politician obtained by transparency, who signed for»absence» in the name of the company supervisor, was, precisely, José Antonio Ruiz Maldonado, head of patching of the AGU, who by profession were you denounced the alleged irregularities.
On this point, the representative of applied urban technology said that «sign by absence» is a legal practice. However, the normative Prontuario of the public administration of the CDMX, provides that a city official may only replace its functions to other lower-ranking official, but not a company, or a physical person.
In addition, in the delivery of works, dated 4 December last, High Quality also denounced that embodied in the document heading did not correspond to his legal representative.
All this was denounced by the supervisor responsible for the direction of attention to organs of control of the AGU, Toshimi Jacob Hira, who instructed the internal Comptroller of the Department of works, and the direction of Legal Affairs of the AGU to initiate an investigation.
Here you can read the office with the complaint.
Furthermore, the ex-Chief of patching of the AGU, José Antonio Ruiz Maldonado, declined to answer questions about these accusations, arguing that it is no longer public official. While Jaime Slomianski, extitular of the AGU, did not respond to this media messages requesting an interview.
Potholes in the ocean in addition to the above, urban technology allegedly simulated work not performed, using as supporting photographs of previous works.
For example, in Avenue Road, between Casimiro de el Valle and battle of Celaya, in Iztapalapa, the contractor noted in their deliverables to the AGU it covered six bumps. But the company supervisor detected that these corresponded to «images of previous contracts». And the same found in the Sonora Avenue, in the Countess; at the Ceylan Avenue, in Azcaptozalco; and in Guelatao, to cite other cases.
In the Hermitage Avenue, in Iztapalapa, Animal politician was found during a tour that, while was have for urban technology a month earlier, the roads already was full of holes and shafts. In addition, the depth to which, supposedly, bacheó urban technology applied in these avenues, is altered: reported having car deeper which indicate the measurements taken by the supervisor in photographs.
Serafín Castro, High Quality Engineer overseeing the patch on the ground, said in an interview that urban technology simulated works with photographs provided to him by another company.
«Urban technology had a contract with another company, Ozone Ecological Equipment, and this lent him photographic evidence p»ARA which could sustain works which, in fact, had made Ozone in a prior contract. I.e. There was a presumptive simulation of work», said Castro.
Political animal found that there is a link between urban applied technology and Ozone Ecological Equipment: Although failure of the invitation to tender and the subsequent contract on behalf only of urban technology, contained in the minutes of the tender opening, whose backup keep this medium, this company presented an «Association Agreement» with Ozone Ecological, from which urban technology would provide the material for patching, and Ozone labor.
This alleged simulation, was also denounced via Office December 20, 2018, before the new administration of the AGU. In the letter, obtained by transparency, and that you can see here, the supervisor indicated that 97 thousand square meters of potholes that urban technology applied should cover between 3 August and 1 November last, this completed 15 thousand square meters , 15%.
This medium also had access to one of the reports in which the supervisor broke down, between August 6 and September 5, 22 thousand 912 potholed urban technology reported as worked before the AGU.
Of those almost 23 thousand potholes, 7, 611, 29% had already been covered and paid in previous contracts.
6, 235 potholes, 27%, either do not exist were invented, and corresponded to roads that were not worked, or carry up to remote coordinates.
For example, urban technology reported that it plugged potholes in the Nuevo Leon Avenue bridge Urrutia, Xochimilco and Emiliano Zapata streets. But the coordinates reported as evidence of his work, by introducing them into Google Maps, lead to a point lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The contractor reported having plugged potholes in coordinates that lead up to a remote spot in the ocean Pacifico.los other 6, 648 potholes, 29% were Yes worked. But already they were shelled at the weeks of having been repaired.
Company of hostesses to bachear while it won a contract to bachear, at the headquarters of applied urban technology there are no trucks, crews, or stores. It’s an office in an old building in the colonia San Rafael, in the city of Mexico.
In the building, a Hall which must be walking in the dark, leads to a door which leave conversations that, contrary to what appears at first glance, realize that the building is not abandoned.
After ring the doorbell, a young man of about twenty and few years opens the door of the office, and the view leaves a small office where there are two other men by typing on a beige furniture by the passage of the years.
-Here is the address (for urban technology), but the Manager is not – said the employee.
Then you were basic questions, like the mail from the company, the website, or any contact telephone, to which young replied everything shaking his head.
The employee shrugged his shoulders and said that it was ignored, even what company they work was dedicated.
– No idea, eh? – answered spontaneous.
In the absence of answers, Animal politician obtained copy of the Charter in the record audience of trade of the city of Mexico, where noted that technology urban applied SA de CV was established in August 2014 with different twists, including organize promotional events and advertising campaigns with hostesses, actors and actresses, and cleaning services.
The company is also not on the registry of suppliers of the AGU. In addition, compranet, the portal of the public administration contracts, nor has to have previous experience in patching works.
With this profile, July 17 of last summer, applied urban technology was presented to the competition tender public LO-909005994-E09-2018, to do work of cold patch on the primary avenues of the capital.
Thirteen days later, on July 30, won the tender decision. And it did, moreover, without having to compete, because while in 2018 had 93 vendors in the register of the AGU, no company arose to compete.
August 3, 2018, when he signed the contract with the AGU, urban technology was registered in the trade registry change of social money for the carrying out of all kinds of constructions.
Although it declined an recorded interview, a representative of urban technology said that the change of rotation already had been agreed previously by the owners of society before winning this contract. But, he said, change not formalized before by administrative procedures.
The representative of urban technology defended his company had the capacity and profile to bachear the city. He even accused of acting in bad faith to the supervisor, who said that they reported for an alleged crime of extortion last December 4, almost a month after the end of his contract’s patch (November 1).
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