translated from Spanish: Anti-abortion groups demand Senate protection of life and the family; will not impose religious criteria, responds Ortiz Pinchetti

what is the position of the President to the decriminalization of abortion? Why not support what says Alfonso Reyes Primer in relation to marriage and the family? Where will it get the backing of the Government to care for, protect and respect fundamental rights «which are not subject to discussion», as it is the protection to the family and life from conception?
Each of the three questions was crowned by applause and shouts of support for its exponents. She concluded the «Mexico United by the values and the family» Forum in the Senate of the Republic, with the participation of José Agustín Ortiz Pinchetti, Member of the Committee for the creation of the Moral Constitution, proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Octavio Paz Auditorium reported total full. Who would imagine that fourth «transformation» reunite in less than three months as many members of anti-rights conservative groups so they would have a voice in the upper House, expressed in their participation Senator Morena and convener of the Forum, Americo Villareal. Anti-rights nuance is of the Member organizations of the National Alliance for the right to decide, because the legislator vows to be antiabortistas, pro life and pro traditional family makes them human rights advocates.
Ortiz Pinchetti heard the questions without flinching, after having been questioned repeatedly during his participation, especially by a wizard that was considered «disastrous» that women’s empowerment is «the great event which is changing the world». Women have stopped having children to develop professionally, developed the master. «Children are blessings!», replied in a shout Lady. «Yes, but eight children are too many blessings,» conceded the rapporteur. Laughter in the Auditorium.
Read: Senate Committee on health hosts Forum with anti-rights conservative groups.
So when at the end of their participation Ortiz Pichetti allowed him to do three questions, list had the same response: «Andrés Manuel is a practicing Catholic, respectful of the different ways of thinking. And proper posture is to separate clearly the scope of religion in the secular field. Alfonso Reyes, says it our morality is a Christian morality, which can manifest and express in ethical concepts. What you don’t want is a religious criterion becomes forced and imposed other groups.»
Its not can force nothing was lost amid the accusations of «Ah, pa’ Christian ‘ that released you each both two ladies sitting in the seats in the middle of the Auditorium. «The customs of a society can be good or bad, but no one can impose legally or as an obligation behave in one way or in another», reiterated before the growing dissatisfaction of the listeners. He tried to make it clear that you can be in agreement or not with moral principles, but is would never present as Government impose them because it depends not on them. It was not very successful. «I’m basically liberal and I consider myself Christian and not I could endorse a proposal to make mandatory standards that says religion.» The Auditorium erupted in protests.
Ortiz Pinchetti gave terminated their participation in the knowledge of the Government of Lopez Obrador «may not impose rules that we consider ethical and moral as if were legal standards.» «That’s not possible and I think that we would all be against that in one sense or another imposition of these standards to the population». Protesters were attending the event, for whom «the level of abuse, poverty, violence and inequality» has its reason for being in «the destruction of the traditional family» and the spread of the culture of death funded by certain groups and NGOs Judging by the aplausometro of the questions that were made.
However, an unexpected ally made them hopeful withdraw from the event: Senator Villarreal, who convened the Forum on behalf of the Health Commission of the Senate without the authorization to do so.
Senator, why organize a forum with conservative anti-rights groups?, questioned this reporter.
Groups… what?
Anti-rights conservatives.
The intent of this forum is a forum for training and information, so that when it is time to see him on the legislative aspect we have a consciously make a decision, not guided only by a circumstance of emotion without the use of reason.
Hey, but that is not going against the principles postulated his party to the left?
Because I do not understand accents from left or right in relation to the presence of human rights; I think that that has neither right nor left.
Morena has always manifested itself as the true left of this country, and the principles of the left are just opposite to what was raised here today.
The human right to the right to life I think it’s a circumstance that we should see and respect. I have not heard any enactment by brunette who we are in favour of depriving of the life at any stage of its development.
Are you saying that brunette is in favor of what has been raised here, of defending life from conception?
Defend human rights and that we will have to discuss in a situation of the parliamentary group, a difference of opinion and an expression of an open Parliament, what are the approaches and the realities of this historical moment we are having to make a decision in a participatory democracy.
And in those democratic principles would not have been better to summon a forum wherever the two positions and not just one?
We are open and we will soon do other forums in the other direction and I think that there are also other participants who are in other positions and are defending expressions.
For Senator Américo Villarreal, the Forum «served to give a voice to people who had not had the opportunity to participate and be heard» and whose contribution will «rebuild the social fabric» that will give standing to what are called fourth transformation. However, his speech at the close of the event for a little and causes that they withdraw support, stating «are not the values that will bring forward (ah, nooo?, is suffocated some assistants)», but «the virtues, the practice of these values». «Aaaah»; the Auditorium turned into applause.
With permission from who as Senator Villarreal cease to their squad to follow «replicating» the message «spirit of mood», in the Committee on health as the Senators Martha Lucía Micher, Morena, and Patricia Mercado, of the citizen movement, waiting for him both veteran defenders of the right of women to decide.
Or well Villarreal had been incorporated to the session of the Commission, after closure of the event to fellow legislators, desairaron when Micher gave their annoyance by organizing the Forum on behalf of the Commission without the consent of all.
«If it has not been approved by the plenary, then the Senator organizes it. But on behalf of the Senate, on behalf of the Committee on health, people come here with a counter proposal absolutely, that does not appear anywhere in the General Health Act, it seems to me very worrying.
«I do not agree with anyone that came the Forum, none, or its ideology. I have a great respect for its people, but the way in which they were expressed is actually offensive. In the United States are killing children, what have what come to tell him that people here, and why you have to open doors?, what is? It has nothing to do with the issue of values and if here is to disguise a forum of antiderecho to decide, sexual and reproductive, antiderechos tell it: proposal of groups against pro-choice women, then already we understood. But bring speakers to talk about the value of life, so that they then begin to give a return to its Conference… that one says ‘ well, but what is this ‘ «.»
Micher and market agreed that Senator Villarreal had the right to convene the Forum, provided that he was personally.
«It’s good that those who organized and Senator Americo think so.» I respect it», Micher said. «Here no one why veto anyone. You want to come and talk about the pro life, the Group of fathers and mothers who do not want sex education to their sons and daughters – who is this group who came-; who do not want to talk of contraception and not abortion – is that group that came-; who do not want that there is a strategy for the prevention of teen pregnancy – which is the ideology of the group that came, as traiganlos. But not in my name. NOT-in-my-name and under any justification.
«I am Yes very annoying and have spoken it in my group and in this meeting, because it seems that I am endorsing this. To me an avalanche of teammates came me in defense of health saying how are organizing that, and I had to tell forgive me, colleagues, should not have attended the meeting – I went through the truancy – where this forum must be approved, I am sorry. N’ombre, never adopted, already checked it. And it seems to me that we need to a deal well, good gracious, because I disagree with nothing of what was said in that forum. With nothing. And they are also groups who spoke against the President of the Republic throughout the campaign. Maybe you even know it, but that was followed all the time. And now it turns out that we open up the doors to them.»
Market coincided with Micher agree clear rules for future invitations to forums and events, to discussions with a single position that bad stop to the Committee and the Senate will not be repeated.
«Is okay to organize things, the question is how we make decisions. We will not restrict freedom to anyone, you can bring any type of speaker, but everything has its limit, but this is not the discussion at this time. With that rule will be very well all and to generate extraordinary scientific discussions of experts, of all the knowledge and experience in the Senate, which is what the people want. Because we are also already in showcase and everything we do is heard, it is said, is seen in real time, and fortunately citizens follow us. You have to take that agreement so there is confusion».
The President of the Commission, the also morenoite Miguel Angel Navarro, offered an apology along with Villarreal to the Senators for»bashing» that is convened an event that was personally, and therefore had all the support on behalf of the Committee on health logistical and institutional Senate to do it.
In relief, they agreed to convene soon to another forum, now entitled «Mexico United by the health for all the people», proposed by the market and which will include the Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health physical and mental of the UN, Dr. Dainius Puruas; the representative of UN women Mexico, Belen Sanz; the Chairperson of CONAPRED, Alejandra Haas; the Director of the National Institute of Psychiatry, María Elena Medina-Mora; the National Commissioner of the CONBIOETICA, Dr. Manuel Ruiz de Chávez; the representative of the WHO/PAHO in Mexico, Cristian Roberto Morales, as well as researchers from the laboratory national diversities, of the Institute of philosophical research, the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, and the Department of Psychiatry and Mental health, all of the UNAM, as well as to civil society organizations working in the care of mental health in Mexico.
After this forum will become more clear what are fundamental rights that must be protected and are not those of the traditional family or life from conception, according to the program.
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