translated from Spanish: Do we need the same in Sinaloa?

in the Congress of the State of Baja California Sur has been presented an initiative that envisages that pets do not use of the coastal embankments, much of the capital, La Paz, as in other cities with piers. The initiative seeks to prevent the owners or persons in charge of animals going with their pets to wander in such public spaces «intended exclusively for family and social coexistence». Peculiar, literally want to read what it says the initiative: «the municipal authority is secured in the coastal embankments or similar areas be prohibited in a strict manner the presence, transit or stay of dogs or other pets matter what your» race or species, accompanied or not by its owner or keeper, with the exception of dogs guides or serve as a support to persons with disabilities».
Categorically, we think that Sinaloa does not need a measure as well. Pets are part of the families. On the other hand, we think that this decision is not taken in Europe, but «here in front», in La Paz. Better, until even can think of our authorities, who have pets, they should be responsible for these, especially as hygiene is concerned, since currently the presence of the animals is a serious problem in our spaces public, but this only caused are irresponsible owners.
Do we need fines or prohibitions as in La Paz to change?

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