translated from Spanish: James Cameron has some criticism for Aquaman

“Avatar”. “Titanic”. “Terminator 2”. It is not necessary to be fan of James Cameron to admit that since the ‘ 80s has proven to be a true manufacturer of commercial success and critical. But Cameron not an own film released a decade ago, and perhaps for that reason he has dedicated his last appearances in the press to criticize his colleagues. In 2017, he said that “Wonder Woman” was a step backwards for the feminist cinema, compared to his own creation Sarah Connor. James last year said that he had never made a sequel as “Alien Covenant” and said in another interview that he had “the Avengers fatigue” and that there were other stories to tell that they were not superheroes.

The director emerges from one of their many underwater experiences so it is not rare that Aquaman has been the target of criticism from the director. Cameron is an expert in the underwater world, and in addition to his films that involve oceanographers as “Titanic” and “The abyss” directed several documentaries on the subject and even collaborated in the design of the Bathyscaphe Deepsea Challenger.Si anyone know what happens below the water is James Cameron, which made a cameo on “Entourage” series that ran a film of precisely this superhero… and so it has some authority to say that “Aquaman” found it “unrealistic”.
“I think (Aquaman) is fun. I could not have it done because it requires a disconnect from any sense of physics or reality, almost as if it were a dream… would people be driving under water mentally? I enjoy the film, but not it resonates with me because it is not real.”

James Cameron showed on the set of “Titanic” that he is not afraid to jump into the pool of course, a superhero movie is not the best place where to look realistic. James Wan, director of Aquaman, has not responded to comments made by Cameron, and is likely not to do it. By now, James Cameron is the grumpy old man of Hollywood, and the critical tibiae of the premiere of Battle Angel: the last Warrior (produced and written by him) do not seem to be enough to justify so much arrogance. Cameron will have to wait for the premiere of Avatar 2 in 2021 to demonstrate once again that it is the “King of the world”.

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