translated from Spanish: My life with tinnitus, the syndrome that makes you buzzing in ears

Imagine hearing a ringing in the ears, as when it is detuned radio, but constantly and from the inside of your head.
It is what happens to Natalie Lue, who was diagnosed with tinnitus four years.
«I’ve been without knowing what is the silence five years», you told the BBC.
Tinnitus is the term used when a person hears the sounds coming from your own body, rather than from an external source, according to the NHS, the British public health service.
The strange condition that makes some people can not hear the voice of men «even when my tinnitus is mild, very far from the level that can be achieved at its worst, I still hear a low-freq beep», laments.
The strange buzzing sound which is freaking inhabitants of a city in Canada and whose origin experts fail to determine symptoms often, people suffering from tinnitus often say that they listen to «ringing in the ears», but the spectrum can vary between whistles, hisses, POPs and roars, among others.

Natalie Lue suffers from tinnitus since four years and periods of hard work, stress and little sleep aggravates the intensity of the sounds they hear.
Lue ensures that listen to all of them and that in addition they become more intense depending on your emotional state.
«For me the biggest trigger is stress. If I am doing too many things, if I’m emotionally stressed by something, or if the stress is added also lack of sleep, my tinnitus is worse much».
But, what causes it?
According to the clinic may and the NHS, there are several causes that can cause or worsen tinnitus.
It sometimes occurs by damage in the cells of the inner ear. Called Cilia are a kind of tiny and very sensitive hairs that move inside the ear according to pressure exerted sound waves.
The small and delicate hairs of our inner ear damage can send mixed signals to our brains that are interpreted as sounds. Our brain interprets these signals as sound and if the Cilia bend or break, they can create a flow of electrical impulses without having really sound.
The causes of tinnitus are usually the following: exposure to loud sounds loss hearing damage in head ear infection side effect of a medication stress sometimes, cause of tinnitus has to do with chronic health disorders and injuries or diseases that affect the nerves of the inner ear or auditory brain Center.
Prevention and treatment around the world has been able to experience short periods with tinnitus, ensures the NHS, especially after a concert. And it is that exposure to loud noises is a trigger. Also stress, as happens to Lue.
«What works best for me is take care of myself, handle the workload and be stress under control.»
You should go to the doctor if you hear way continuously or repeatedly ringing in your ears. Other ways to prevent tinnitus is to use ear protection if you are exposed to loud noises, not to abuse the volume that we listen to music or watch movies and maintain a good quality cardiovascular, since that tinnitus can be sometimes a deficiency in the functioning of blood vessels.
There is a single treatment to treat it, but doctors often recommend sound therapy, therapy cognitive-behavioural, or tinnitus retraining therapy.
What are tinnitus and how to protect your ears in concerts tinnitus can affect anyone, but is more common among older than 65 years.

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