translated from Spanish: President of Sofofa accused that «stonewalling» of opposition can generate doubts in the Government reform

Bernardo Larraín Matte has been one of the most critical business leaders when it comes to analysing the reforms of the Government.
The President of Sofofa, last week, called on the Executive to reflect on reforms, especially the labour and the tax, and to not distort the original spirit of the project.
And today, in an interview with La Segunda, Larraín Matte referred to one of the proposals of the Government’s programme of Sebastián Piñera, and has been promoting since the Sofofa with force: the creation of a quality agency of public policy, which is intended as a result of the disc usiones prior to the presentation of some projects.
In his view, «this part of obstructionism to the idea of legislating by the current opposition. That, at the same time can generate reframes the own Government, so it could be a joint responsibility».
Larraín Matte suggests that «a work prelegislativo (…), where an agency sets a standard that is consulted expert entities, linked, and regulators, in addition to observing the international experience on the subject to debate» would be ideal.
Consulted by the role of the Congress, the honcho of the Sofofa said that the creation of the quality agency «never removes the essential role that has the political debate, but a query that is made to stakeholders, which should not be exclusionary debate reach» or».
Business leader offers as an example the consultation process of the CMF, which is «an open and transparent manner».
Larraín Matte ends the interview saying that it has not advanced in this topic due to a complex issue of «interests competing between the political world and the idea that laws include technical feasibility analysis».
But in reality – notes-the argument that the Agency would remove you the role that corresponds to the political sector in the analysis lacks sustenance. «The outcome of the consultations on a proposal would only be an input for legislators and not a binding or exclusive opinion.» Not opposed the vision of one or another actor», he concluded.
Against the position of Bernardo Larraín, independent Deputy Pepe Auth, criticized the point in which the President of Sofofa requests that Parliament legislates the tax and labor reforms «with less politics and more technical approach», says.
«How redistribution is the tax system, and how balanced the relationship between Capital and labour are political, not technocratic decisions,» said through his Twitter account.

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