translated from Spanish: Prohibited to leave the country to the lawyer Marcelo D´Alessio

in yesterday held a joint RAID between the pain, Alejo Ramos Padilla, judge who has the case for extortion against the businessman Pedro Etchebest, and his pair of hills from Zam Ora, Federico Villena, who is investigating D’Alessio for money laundering. From this is that, in the framework of the cause initiated by money laundering last year, is decided to ban the departure from the country to Marcelo D´Alessio, as well as freezing their assets, seized a dozen of cars high range and investigate his wife and a number of companies linked to the marriage. Recall that since last week, Carlos Stornelli is being investigated for extortion. Following a complaint that takes charge the judge Alejo Ramos Padilla, is being evaluated if Marcelo D´Alessio, asserting his friendship with the Prosecutor, I would have asked him the payment of $300,000 to the agricultural producer Pedro Etchebest.

As a consequence of this was that who has now forbidden their departure from the country Stornelli said not your boss «to which never commissioned any work». D´Alessio argued that the money order existed, justifying that «when calling money a person it is to see where it goes. «Is not the same thing that says I have it in a box in Buenos Aires who have to bring United States, of a table, such a place».
«It’s not trap. It’s a technique that has to do to find the truth,»said in his last public appearance who is defined as»obsessed with finding the truth». However, consulted on this practice, i.e., that to try to resolve an illegal, can be committed another, the lawyer said that «the crime was not perfected because even the wanted to give money that was later returned.» To do investigations played tremendously finite». This online and linked to the lawyer, in yesterday’s procurador general de la Nación, Eduardo Casal, rejected the request made by Alejo Ramos Padilla will investigate to Prosecutor Stornelli.

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