translated from Spanish: Rudolf Ingram, the heir of Usain Bolt breaking records at age seven

is very soon to talk about a new owner of all global recrods as did the Jamaican Usain Bolt during his professional career. Eight gold medals at Olympic Games, owner of the best brands of history in 100 and 200 level meters and charisma to become one of the most important athletes of the world became a “Lightning”. Now, after his retirement, the fight for the lathe is very couple but in the future is a young promise that already has brands unprecedented in athletics. It’s Rudolf Ingram, just 7 years, that already low 14 seconds and “steals” in all categories that can compete.
The child of Tampa Bay is not only fan speed, but it also shows his skill in football with changes of breathtaking rhythms, making impossible and garbled their movements within the field.
In their submissions, the small Rudolf, nicknamed “Blaze”, attained a mark of 13,48 seconds in 100 meters and 60 meters, 8.69, being both records Division. Also in his videos, left evidence that has no competition.
Ingram shows not only his passion for racing and achievements, but that is a small professional which is devotion to training and testing that has several entrendadores. That Yes, at his young age, does not leave out of the studies and gives pride to her parents with high ratings. Obviously, he has a 10 in physical education.

Original source in Spanish

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