translated from Spanish: Trade fair on February 14: who protects the children slaves of the cocoa industry?

chocolates, perfumes, accessories and flowers are gifts preferred by Chileans to this February 14. According to a study by Omnicom Media Group, 81% of people commemorated this date in any way.
But, on this day in which we celebrate love, why it is important to treat yourself with sense? «If what I want is to express love, is not coherent to give something on parameters of slavery or lack of respect for the environment, communities, or workers», said Gerardo Wijnant, director of sustainability at Proqualitas.
«Fair trade is a production scheme and a seal that ensures the responsible and sustainable conditions throughout the production chain,» he said.
According to the first study of characterization of fair trade in Chile, produced by Proqualitas, a 45.2% of Chileans has heard of fair trade. Between 54.8% who has never heard of this system, a 68.6% said that it will begin to prefer products with seal, so long as they have a price similar to the traditional or up to 10% more.
«Once people know fair trade they are willing to change their way of acting. Valentine’s day represents an opportunity for deciding to give meaningful»Wijnant said.
«Currently, internationally, more than 300 million people working in conditions of slavery and we do not contribute to this figure continues to rise,» argued.
Then, how we choose give responsibly?
Chocolates gift choice for February 14 and one of the largest sources of slavery in the world. The wage in West Africa, one of the areas with greater production of cocoa in the world, has fallen to $ 2 a day, which has led to that in plantations in countries like Ghana and the Ivory Coast, there are more than 300 thousand children slaves.
«FEP (Food Empowerment Project), organization that fights for food justice, has created a list of chocolates whose consumption is recommended or not, depending on where it comes from cocoa to manufacture,» emphasized Wijnant.
For this reason Proqualitas recommend always prefer those who have stamps, but if you don’t have them you can opt for chocolate made with cocoa from Latin America such as Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
Jewelry and accessories such as the film «Blood diamonds», trafficking and slavery continue not only surrounding this gemstone, but other jewels and accessories made with different materials: from gold to wood. Therefore, different brands and companies have begun a campaign to ensure the traceability of their products to buyers.
«We recommend purchasing these items where to report the source of the raw material and the way in which they were manufactured,» explained Wijnant.
Flowers, sparkling wines and liqueurs in Chile there are various companies offering options with sense. An increasing number of Chilean organizations today have the seals of fair trade in the most varied areas.
«This certification scheme generates certainties of a product that is environmentally friendly with people, communities, culture, identity and environment,» said Proqualitas Director of sustainability.

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