translated from Spanish: What said the trade unionist who scolded a Minister of Vidal in the joint

the general Secretary of the Union of teachers of the province of Buenos Aires, UDOCBA, Miguel Angel Díaz, justified Thursday his intention to transmit over networks «social joint meeting with officials of the provincial government, arguing that that negotiation»is an act of public, not private,».» I not conveyed the meeting, but the things that are public are published. The joint is a public event, it is not a private act,»stressed the official. And it was the crossroads of criticism from Buenos Aires Ministers, who after being reprimanded by Díaz, suspended the meeting and went to an intermediate room that was taken up again then.
«Embarrassment is that 2 companions have died by the explosion of a cylinder in the EP 49 of Moreno. And the boys came just minutes later!»

Speaking to the network, he explained that in the meeting «I spoke loudly because I had no microphone and asked journalists to stay to hear the proposal of officials».» I am the leader of a trade union organization. Force measurements decide colleagues in assemblies. «I have to fight for what it is: by salary, working conditions», said Diaz.
«The Government we record, films. There is no problem that will spread an act of Government», he said.

The teaching unions rejected the official proposal of updating salaries on the basis of inflation that measures the INDEC considering that still subtracts to recover the loss of purchasing power suffered in 2018.En this note: joint wages Do Buenos Aires centes

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