translated from Spanish: Authorities issued recommendations, before detection of children’s videos with violent content

Morelia, Michoacan.-the Secretariat of public security (SSP), through the Cyber unit of the Michoacan police, working in the network monitoring social, upon detection of videos on YouTube, with content that incites violence.
It has been by tracking videos with characters from the programs known as «Pepa Pig» and «Fortnite», instructions on how to cut the veins, among other acts causing serious or fatal injury detected.
To play the videos, apparently in a normal way, drastically change theme to violent content or offensive language, remain dangerous for the children who have access to them.
Why the Cyber unit makes the following recommendations: • check out what kids see on Youtube channels, since there is material that can cause psychological damage.
• Viral challenges returning to trend, don’t be fooled, denounces.
• Constantly monitors apps, games and materials which downloaded, this will avoid becoming a victim of fraud, extortion, or viruses.
Any case or complaint, the SSP through 911 and 089 care numbers, will receive and will each channel

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