translated from Spanish: The death of Natacha Jaitt: prosecutors do not rule out any hypothesis

the death of Natacha Jaitt investigators await the results of genetic studies on the swabbing done the nails and the genital tract of the victim and the anali toxicological SIS of the blood and urine of all persons who were in the Ballroom «Xanadú», Benavidez, to clarify what happened overnight in which the driver died. Sebastián Fitipaldi, the prosecution of Benavidez; Diego Callegari, of the gender violence they said Thursday that «all hypotheses are at stake» and assured that they are working from the beginning, when they were in the place of the fact, «to arrive at the truth».» She was a working meeting, that what has been accredited so far in the case,»argued prosecutors told Todo Noticias, in an attempt to review the data that research so far. «Natacha and his producer had frequented the place to see if they could make events there,» they said. They also talked about the position of the body of the actress. «Agree the testimony that was mouth down at the first time, according to the statement some of those present at the meeting». The movement warned then it would have been a product of some basic manoeuvres to try to resuscitate Jaitt, to check that he was unconscious. What are the videos from security cameras the Group of prosecutors established for the investigation into the death of Jaitt concentrate their efforts on the analysis of the recordings of videos from security cameras that had been in place. And they revealed that they seek to determine if anyone else was there awhile before, during or even once the police arrived. On that point, prosecutors confirmed that they were able to establish that the cameras were not moved and while five were not operating at the time of the death of Jaitt, the rest allows you to follow the movements of the present Saturday morning in the lounge of Villa La Nata.trascendio the only one that shows Jaitt in an alleged cocaine intake manoeuvre is number 10, which reached to record it down on a countertop in the prelude to the bathroom is on the top floor of that room and just next to the don room then it died. That camera – located on the top floor – focused to a corridor that gives to the door of a prelude that was opened, time that is Natacha by the reflection of a mirror. On another counter that there are on the ground floor of Xanadu, in which some witnesses said that armed lines of cocaine for consumption of the guests, there are no pictures since there are not running the cameras, so it is «one of the blind spots».
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