translated from Spanish: CDMX Government will support of 6 thousand pesos to migrants in Easter

the Government of the city of Mexico will provide support, through program city hospital and mobility 2019, to migrants, their families or persons in a situation of vulnerability as part the “Hello migrant” operation to be applied in the season of Easter.
In total, the City Hospital program and mobility 2019 will have a budget of 333 thousand pesos.
The aim of this operation is to publicize the services and programs of the Government of the city of Mexico.
In the call for proposals published in the Official Gazette, the Secretariat of Inclusion and Social Welfare of the City Government reported that from April 12 to May 5 they selected 55 people who will receive support from 6 thousand 060 pesos each.
Read: Mobile consulates and network lawyers: 10 actions to support Mexican migrants in the US explained that stakeholders shall deliver the necessary documentation as valid official ID from 10 to 22 March, whether credential to vote or passport, or card permanent resident or resident card temporary issued by the Mexican Commission of assistance to refugees (Comar), consular registration or identity card for stateless persons.
In addition, he added, must submit key of registry of population (CURP), record Federal taxpayers (RFC), proof of address or document that certifying the residence in the city of Mexico, and for relatives of migrants prove kinship with Act of birth, marriage or concubinage, and present remittances of 2018 and the current year.
He said that requirements will be delivered in Diagonal 20 November number 294, in the colonia Obrera, Mayor Cuauhtemoc, and clarified that the selection, evaluation and approval of applications will be according the rules of operation of the city program Hospital and human mobility in force this year.
The Unit stressed that during the selection step, priority is given to persons in a condition of vulnerability, and added that the migrant coordination of the Institute of attention to priority populations will publish the results on the page thanks for reading! Help us to continue with our work. How? You can now subscribe to political Animal on Facebook. With your monthly donation, you will receive special content. Find out how to subscribe here. Check our list of frequently asked questions here.

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