translated from Spanish: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta opened the regular sessions of the legislature

the head of the Buenos Aires Government inaugurated the regular sessions of the Buenos Aires legislature with a speech that began shortly after 9:10 and where did focus on development u rbano, gender and security of the city. In the beginning stressed the start of classes, a matter complicated in several districts of the country and that María Eugenia Vidal can not fix yet. And put as a priority the implementation of the comprehensive Sexual education. 
“We call for a table of specialists, that made us a series of recommendations to work and apply more and better the ESI”, said Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

On security issues, the head of Government noted increased police and security cameras. “25,800 policemen of the city, 19,000 are in the street in different shifts”, said. However, he had a space for Justice Buenos Aires, under scrutiny in recent weeks because the judge who freed a detienen $700 pesos.
“We need justice to join us. The revolving door has to end”.  

Rodríguez Larreta highlighted public transportation, which makes that “whenever we came before a house”, according to him. Anyway, it said that the subway has a frequency of three minutes at rush hour, while the complaints of those who use it are multiplying.  

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