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the radio program «The pneumonia» aired during the morning of Friday from the premises of EL DEBATE of Mazatlan. Band cruise, Eyby Valencia and Didier García were present to promote their participation in the musical float of the DEBATE, in parades Sunday and Shrove Tuesday.

Didier García, in an interview with the radio «The pneumonia» program. Photo by Jorge Rodarte DEBATE «The pneumonia» is led by David Osuna and has aired from Monday to Friday from 08:00 hours, on 88.9 FM, this time it aired from the DEBATE, and armed a musical morning with the presence of the aforementioned Grupero who spoke a bit of their musical careers.

Eyby Valencia in his talk with David Osuna for «The pneumonia». Photo by Jorge Rodarte EL DEBATE the band cruise, who will be playing live on Carnival Sunday along the malecon, accompanying the aforementioned singers. Claudio Hernández, one of its members, mentioned that he is part of the fourth generation of the Sinaloa group. Didier García, who has been working in Tijuana and other States of the Mexican Republic, comes especially to be part of the international Carnival of Mazatlan «Equinox: the rebirth of the senses», and was said to be happy to be part of the musical chariot of THE DEBATE.

Participants of the hearse musical of the DEBATE, «Rhythm and health», of DVT. Photo: courtesy «Chest blows» is the name of their next musical production, which launches in brief the same theme as promotional. Didier will be singing in high waves, the days Friday 1 and Tuesday, March 5, in the small temple 3, accompanied by banda Sinaloense door.
Eyby Valencia, cantauror Mazatlan, currently promote its theme «Cursi dreamer» of the authorship of Isaías. J. Rodríguez, and in an interview with «The pneumonia» said lucky to be part of Rovi Rédords, artistic home that promotes in Sinaloa for now, and then in other destinations.

With «dynamite girls», Rosalba Osuna and Ruth de la Puente, in its «New ranchera» radio program XERJ. Photo: courtesy band cruise, Didier Garcia and Eyby Valencia also spent Friday doing promotion on «Rhythm and health» of DVT; and in the programmes of radio «Kamorreando» led by Cindy Valenzuela, and in the space of «Las Chicas dynamite», in charge of Ruth de la Puente and Rosalba Osuna, both transmitted by XERJ.

The singers Cindy Valenzuela, in his «Kamorreando» radio program. Photo: courtesy during parades on Sunday and Tuesday, in the musical coach of the DEBATE will be also singing Ofelia Leyva, Nando Sánchez and Tony irons.

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