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to pause despite the fact that many schools in the region are with the urgent need to invest them in infrastructure, at the moment the Isife is in stand-by, since the change of Government at the federal level slowed the flow of resources, proof of this is that only in the State have pending implementation of 300 billion pesos only in schools one hundred, but the continuation of such support is still a question. 
The ideal would be that money already pledged to apply, but from the Federation will have the last word, but the truth is that there is still a long list of sites waiting to be attended in that kind of needs, as well as others who already were benefits two, but have them work, which is not at all fair. 
There is the case of elementary school children Heroes, La Trinidad, in the municipality of Guasave, where the roof of four rooms was on the verge of collapse, but the Isife intervened and pledged to build them again, but at the end only repaired two , and others are still on waiting list, forcing the campus policy to merge groups, because they did not let them another, maybe not could put at risk again the life of students.

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