translated from Spanish: 1917: Women at the forefront of the Russian Revolution

the female action was key and decisive in the Russian Revolution: the lifting of the textile workers of Petrograd was held on March 8, 1917, although the Russian calendar was still 23 February – reason why this fact as the revolution of Febrero.Gestada is also known only among workers, female activists and militant women of the Bolshevik Party, called for a general strike that day to claim the end of the war, the Tsarist regime and hunger: no more days 13 hours in an unhealthy work environment or endless rows to the weather to get some bread. With this aim, this cell concentrated in the Vyborg district left the textile workshops and was in groups of hundreds of people visiting per workshop to accessions. Where they were not heeded, they threw snowballs, stones, sticks burned against the doors and windows, and/or taking the facilities: at the end of the day, 20% of Petrograd and 30% of textiles were on strike. Of course, poured in the clashes with the army and the police, but the first – formed mostly by peasants–ended up yielding to the feminist strength and joined your claim. Return to the timeline with the history of the #8 M

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