translated from Spanish: 5 tips from one of the most famous chefs in the world to lead a healthy life

The famous British chef, Tom Kerridge, who holds a Michelin star, spoke this week with the program radio Woman´s Hour BBC 4 and reeled off the keys to his incredible drop in weight.
The chef, Star television also, has lost about 76 kilos since he decided to transform his life and opting for healthier choices not only in the kitchen but also away from home.
The change was not a day thing.
Five years ago, when approaching his 40th birthday, he realized he needed to drastically change their habits of food, drink and exercise if I wanted to live another 40 years.
The key of your recipes is the cooking with fresh food. These are the five tips that helped him along the way: 1. cooking at home and uses fresh ingredients is the main idea of his new book, «new start: how to cook amazing dishes at home».
Outwood is convinced that one of the things that led him to weigh 190 pounds (measured 1.91 centimeters) was the «convenience food».
I.e. dishes frozen or prepared who crowd the shelves of supermarkets.
Actually are the «detox» diets good for health?
Do they serve the intermittent fasting diets?
Also falls into this category food take-out or to pray at home.
«I stopped taking alcohol and foods full of sugar and carbohydrates,» she explains.
2. do not you focus on the conventional idea of «diet» for the chef, whatever your goal of weight loss, the best is take it as a career in the long run, not as a matter of a few days.
When someone loses a number of great weight, keeping the achievements usually a considerable problem.
Kerridge tries to go to the gym 6 times a week. Are you a lot?» If you see a diet as just that, it will be somewhat tedious and boring. But a diet is basically the way that you eat and is not necessarily related to weight loss.»
3 enjoy the sport choose one that you are going to enjoy, if not, you will end up abandoning it. That is the main idea that dropped into the radio program.
Ran to the swim sessions alternate with running and did six days a week.

4 tell your friends «involves your friends. Keep you informed of what you want to achieve, whether it be healthier, lose weight or change your diet «.
It regards the people who surround you as possible support.
The people who surround you will be of great help.» They will encourage you and support you in your decisions. They will be part of your journey and transformation», said Cook.
5 fight always there are moments of weakness.
Sometimes the desire to go to the gym vanish. Sometimes the body calls for pizza and not an Apple.
Fight. Be strong. This is the fifth Council of someone who for five years was the determination to change their way of life.
«It doesn’t matter how hard you think it’s going to the gym six days a week. If you do not, you will feel bad. But if you succeed, you feel incredible. You will give energy», he says.

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