translated from Spanish: Alejandro Fernández publishes original photo with their parents

the Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández shares in his account of Instagram unpublished photograph. It appears it beside his famous father, don Vicente Fernández, and Doña «Cuquita», his mother. It’s an image in black and white, where it can capture the love that unites the three as family.
Unpublished photography speaks for one. «Cuquita» hugs and kisses Alejandro Fernández, and sees it with lots of love, while don Vicente looks at them and applauds.  With almost two million followers in his account of Instagram, the tender photo surpassed the 75 thousand ‘I love’. The singer of hits like «Kill them» and «Myself to miss» type at the bottom of the photo: are losing time in my years… one of the most emotional moments of my life, as I remember my mother, who thereupon my father smiled while watching.»

Fans of «El Potrillo» held by the picture that shows them and write you comments like these: «Beloved photo», «When», «the most valuable thing…» the family»and»beautiful memories and what a beautiful picture.» 

Alejandro Fernández is nowadays one of the Mexican singers more successful and admired in the world of the show nationally and internationally.

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Original source in Spanish

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