translated from Spanish: Died Franco Macri, businessman and father of the President

Saturday, March 2 at night died businessman Franco Macri, father of President Mauricio Macri. He was 88 years old. According to the first reports, suffered a decompensation this afternoon and died at 21:15 at his home in Barrio Parque. For already several months presenting health problems. Meanwhile, the President traveled this morning together with his spouse and her daughter to San Martín de los Andes intending to spend the long weekend, but he is expected to return to Buenos Aires because of this situation. The news was confirmed by the Macri family, and Government sources. Franco Macri was born in Rome on April 15, 1930 and landed in Argentina to their 18 years together with two of his brothers. In Buenos Aires developed a career as Assistant civil engineer and in 1951 founded a company dedicated to construction, which later was to become what is today Sideco Americana.tambien held positions in the Union Argentina de construction, camera Construction of Argentina and the Association of manufacturers of Autos.Durante military dictatorship their companies were consolidated economically and went on to be considered one of the most important holdings of America.ya in 1980 was in front of the Sevel signature and 1990 2003 the group administered the Correo Argentino.

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