translated from Spanish: History of struggle: the emblematic case of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory

the international women’s day has its roots in a tragedy that took place in New York on March 25, 1911, more precisely in the heart of Manhattan: caught fire f Triangle Shirtwaist shirts with their workers in abrica.

Shirts Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire what know fire?
What happened on March 25, 1911 in New York?
A fire calcined shirts Triangle Shirtwaist factory. Those who were inside could not escape due to the fact that owners had locked doors to prevent theft that had been in the area.

Shirts Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire did many people die?
123 women and 23 men. Most of the workers were young immigrants of Jewish and Italian origin.
Because of what died?
The victims suffered burns, suffocation, injury by blunt impact. Many of them jumped through windows (from the eighth, ninth and tenth floors to the street) into panic by not be able to escape from the flames of the building.

In shirts Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire what caused the fire?
According to a report of the fire chief, the fire caused it a poorly off cigarette butt thrown into a bucket filled with remnants of fabric that had not emptied in two months, but an article in the New York Times suggested that it could have originated in the engine of a sewing machine.

Fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist Este great shirts factory disaster resulted in important legislative changes in standards of safety and health and industrial work and was the trigger for the creation of important international trade union women textile workers (International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union) which would improve the extremely poor working conditions of those times.

Fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist serious shirts factory in 1977 when the United Nations became the day of 8 March as the international day for women’s rights and international peace.

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