translated from Spanish: Michoacan Prosecutor’s office provides details of the capture of «El Aleluyo» in BC

-Morelia, Mich.-the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán provided details on the detention in the State of Baja California from Jaime Macias «El Aleluyo», alleged Lieutenant of the «The viagra» criminal group in the region of Sahuayo.
In relation to the subject, the FGEM reported in a press release: «result of field and intelligence research work carried out by the Attorney General of the State and with the collaboration of the counterpart authorities of the State of Baja California, was the» arrest of Jaime M., ‘El Aleluyo’, for their possible value in the crime of aggravated kidnapping.
«According to test data, February 4, 2017, Jaime M., in the company of others, intercepted his victim identified as Angel a., on the road to Cumuatillo-Vista Hermosa, and after amagar it with firearms, they forced him into a van on Board of which they suffered blows to various parts of the body.
«Immediately, the aggrieved was led close to the Pantheon of the community of Cumuatillo, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, where he was and again generated him injury.» Later, Angel a., was tied to a stone and thrown into a river; However, he managed to reach safety and give notice to the authorities.
«After the report, there was a Chase; However, the aggressors powered firearms against the uniformed, managing to flee the place.
«With regard to these facts, began the folder of corresponding research, achieving obtaining test data of the possible participation of Jaime M., in them, which also called for the arrest warrant to the judge’s Control, which was presented.» To continue with the investigations to execute the warrant, Criminal Intelligence Agency obtained information allowing to locate the accused in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, reason which also called for collaboration to the Attorney General of Justice of that entity, to effect of carrying out the arrest, action that was completed this afternoon.
«Jaime M., was transferred to the corresponding Social reintegration centre, so in the next few hours will be presented before the Court to resolve their legal status.» The Attorney General’s Office continues with research, since there is evidence relating to the detainee in other events in the region.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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