translated from Spanish: Sanders will launch its campaign of 2020 in his native New York

new YORK (AP) – Bernie Sanders will return to Brooklyn, where he was born, to launch his presidential campaign and expected the Senator to connect her childhood family of working class with their popul positions ISTS who have given new forms to the Democrata.sanders party, independent Senator and former presidential candidate in 2016 which came in second in the Democratic primary, will speak Saturday morning at Brooklyn College, where he studied for a time. In 2016, Sanders launched his campaign in Vermont, bucolic state that has represented in the Senate for nearly two decades. But this time, trying to expose more his personal history, Sanders first stop in Brooklyn, where he grew up in a Jewish immigrant family and lived in a rent-controlled apartment. Apart from its proposals in favour of «Medicare for all», a minimum wage of $15 per hour and focus on climate change, expected Sanders to talk about his roots working class and the financial problems of his family that shaped their positions populist. These reflections will be implicitly opposed to the of another New Yorker, President Donald Trump, billionaire of Queens. Sanders has been one of the most open critics of Trump, as it’s racist, sexist and xenophobic. After Brooklyn, Sanders will go to Selma, Alabama, where it will participate in the commemoration of the anniversary of the 1965 confrontation known as «Bloody Sunday», when peaceful protesters were beaten by Alabama State agents trying to of cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge. His second campaign rally will be in Chicago, where he studied at the University of Chicago and was involved in civil rights demonstrations.

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