translated from Spanish: So was the tense pursuit of Prefecture to an illegal Chinese fishing

the incident started 358 kilometers from the Gulf of San Jorge, when Prefecture «Mantilla» vessel spotted a boat which it does not broadcast signal by the sound and was inside of the exclusive economic zone of Argentina, with their deployed networks, so it began the Protocol against illegal fishing. Supervised by the Minister of security of the nation, Patricia Bullrich, and the head of the force Eduardo Scarzello, from Prefecture reported that to the fishing «he pursued it is more than three hours» and that his escape maneuver «attempted to collide at the Coast Guard’s» «Prefecture and put at risk the lives of the crew».

«In the absence of response and following the Protocol, the order carry out towards the bow of the fishing vessel warning shots, was given which attempted to stop their March, without affecting their conditions of navigability to safeguard the lives of the crew» «, says the statement of Prefecture.» Despite this, the captain of the Chinese ship did not stop, so it became more intimidating shots towards the fishing, above her waterline. However, the «HUA XIANG 801″ did not comply with the order and continued sailing out of the limit of the Argentine exclusive economic zone, to international waters», details. Then it was reported that Argentina will request to justice his capture international, as happened in February 2018 with the Chinese scorer «Jing Yuan 626», which had also been detected by the coast guard blanket fishing illegally, and shall be liable to a fine of 7 million AV to the company to which the vessel belongs.

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