translated from Spanish: Sofía Castro was discriminated against in a school for EU action

Sofía Castro every day is taken to know in the world of the show and is the young woman is studying hard at a school performance of United States, although he revealed that a teacher you It left a bad taste in the mouth as it was discriminated against by their Mexican nationality.
“A teacher was that medium then Yes, like that a little bit since the Mexican and the Latin, because I was the only Latin and Mexican, has been the only time that it has happened to me something as well, and I said I don’t care and I am Mexican and I’m Latin and I’m worth…” , Sofía Castro said to the program Intrusos.Por if outside little Sofia made it clear that he discussed with his professor defending itself from statements he made in his class and is that as everyone knows the young actress never has stopped anyone much less when they talk about some members or family.” As it gave me much courage and said have I know, nor know Mexicans, or you know Latinos because you think and because you say there medium I discussed with the teacher… “, said Sofía Castro.
It is worth mentioning that the daughter of Angélica Rivera will be in the TV series “The last dragon”, alongside Irina Baeva and Sebastián Rulli, in addition to fit a year and a half to complete the school of acting.

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