translated from Spanish: The daughter of Natacha Jaitt did not rule out the hypothesis of murder

to days that begin the urine tests and blood Natacha Jaitt and the four involved in the death of the driver, the daughter of victim declared in the prosecution of Benavidez and make ro which does not rule out that his mother has been the victim of a homicide.
“I’m recontra re mil destroyed as any daughter who lost her mother, but I have the necessary containment. I do not rule out a murder, so I an investigation until the end,”said Antonella Olivera, 20-year-old, she was accompanied by her uncle, Ulises Jaitt and lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla.

“I am at the disposal of the justice, I want to know the truth,” said the young man, who said that he came to be notified personally of the skills which will be pursued starting on Wednesday, March 6.
The daughter of Natacha Jaitt said that he does not rule out homicide.

Ulises Jaitt, the brother of the victim just said with the media and said that po the moment in the family are “compliant with the law” and that they rely on prosecutors to the case be clarified soon, with the start of the investigation that will seek to determine with cer certainty the cause of the death of Jaitt, in addition to establishing whether there are genetic traces of others under their fingernails or in the genital area. Those present in the case are the Paraguayan businessman Raúl Velaztiqui Duarte to a working meeting at Xanadu, which was attended by the owner of the place, Gustavo Rigoni; his friend, Gaspar Esteban Fonollà (45); neighbor and friend Gustavo Andrés Bartolín (44), alias “Volt”; and the young girl Luana Micaela Monsalvo (19). In this note:

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