translated from Spanish: Thus sounds «Sucker», lo nuevo de the Jonas Brothers

then six years of inactivity, the Jonas Brothers are back: thus they announced it on social networks during the last hours and excited all the fans, who had followed them faithfully Since 2005 with his album debut, «It’s About Time». Without a doubt, they returned with everything. To make it clear, the band composed of Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas released the video for her new song «Sucker», which already has more than six million views. 

The last time that the Group had released a song had been in 2013-«First time»-, since then decided to separate since they stated that maintaining the relationship between the brothers was the «most important». After the release of the song, the band posted a message on your social networks: «Proud of this song and all those who helped to create it». In addition, fragments of the back stage of the recordings they shared.
In addition, the Jonas did not return alone, since they were each accompanied by a partner: Priyanka Chopa, Danielle Deleasa and Sophie Turner staged video. 

Jonas Brothes in pairs in this note: Jonas Brothers Sucker Sophie Turner Joe Jonas Nick Jonas Kevin Jonas

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