translated from Spanish: Venezuela rejects new U.S. sanctions to the army and the police

the Government of Venezuela has expressed its rejection of the sanctions announced this Friday against the Venezuelan military commanders and has denounced his character «unilat «eral and illegal». The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Venezuelan complaint that with these measures, United States recognizes its «intention to undermine military Patriots in the fact of acting in defense of the Constitution, the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Venezuela». «In addition, considers that this measure is part of the» unsuccessful strategy of Washington’s lead and lead an uprising against the constitutional Government of President constitutional Nicolas Maduro «.» In its sickly effort to undermine the institutions and the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Washington has acknowledged that, by appealing to the most infamous means, intends to break the nationalist commitment of the Venezuelan military, coming to the end of resort to bribery attempts and direct threat», adds. On Friday the US Treasury Department included six police and military officers from Venezuela in its list of sanctions in response to the repression exercised last weekend in border areas to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid promoted by the Venezuelan opposition. Specifically they are listing the major general Richard Jesús López Vargas, general commander of the Bolivarian National Guard; Jesus Maria Mantilla Oliveros, Commander of the armed forces to the region of French Guiana; Alberto Mirtiliano Bermúdez Valderrey, Member of the zones of Defense comprehensive dew Bolivar; as well as to José Leonardo Norono Torres, Commander of the zones of Defense Integral of Tachira.ademas refers to José Miguel Domínguez Ramírez, curator in Chief of the forces of special actions in the State of Tachira, and Cristhiam Abelardo Morales Zambrano, director the Bolivarian national police.

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