translated from Spanish: As of June 1 rules change for football

home sports as of June 1 rules change for football world-a. starting from June 1, football is no longer as you know thanks to the modified NES made the rules of the sport by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which include all the goals scored with the help of the hand will be invalidated, regardless of whether the failure was not deliberate.
Goodbye to the goals scored with ‘not deliberate hand’ the IFAB said that goals scored with the hand or arm accidentally will be invalidated, as well as mark the goal situations created with the help of these tips.
Substitutions can be made in any part of the field modification establishes that footballer may leave the Court by the nearest band line, rather than go to the technical area.
An advantage for goalkeepers in the criminal a change established this Saturday will give an advantage to the archers when they try to stop a penalty kick, as the Board agreed that now only must keep one foot on the goal line during the launch of these shots.
Players may bother throw-ins goal as approved this Saturday, players may touch the ball in the area when the opposing team’s goalkeeper put the ball in game.
Barriers will only have players of the team that committed the lack in an attempt to put an end to the discussions and the jostling in the barriers, starting on June 1 they will no longer have players on the team that marked a direct shot to please.
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