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TANTOYUCA Veracruz shops robbery-a gang of alleged criminals, including women, who were engaged in theft from shops was captured Saturday, after subtracting various property owned by a hotel in Veracruz.La Regional Prosecutor’s Office in the area North-Tantoyuca obtained in initial hearing the legalization of arrests and charges against four likely members of this criminal group.

A band dedicated to business break-ins was arrested. | Courtesy Celso Enrique n, Luis Fernando «n», «n» Yolanda and Angelina «n» were arrested by elements of the Ministerial police, after being alerted by a call for help at the «La Gloria» hotel, located in the town painter, belonging to the municipality of Chalma, events on February 28 of the year in course.

Around 07:00 hours, probably arrived to the scene on board a car brand Chevrolet, type Spark, in taxi mode, and after entering the hotel probably taken different items, being at that time reported by employees of the place and asking for the support of the judicial police. To test data submitted by the District Prosecutor’s Office, the judge’s Control charged them the likely Commission of acts which the law an offence of aggravated robbery. In addition, Celso Enrique n, Luis Fernando «n», «n» Yolanda and Angelina «N» measure was imposed them precautionary detention justified, in waiting for the definition of their legal situation the next day 6 of the month, at hearing of link to process criminal 34/2019.

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