translated from Spanish: First images of the series based on «The name of the rose»

Umberto Eco’s masterpiece «The name of the rose» is one of the literary landmarks of the 20th century. Under the structure of a mystery novel, the author explores social and metaphysical conflicts interweaving different narrative layers that never distract from the suspense and humor of the story. The book sold 50 million copies worldwide and was adapted to film in a very expensive and also successful co-production, starring Sean Connery in the main role of the monk/detective William of Baskerville and Christian Slater as Adso of Melk young his apprentice and Narrator of the novel.

Another criticism was that Connery and Slater seemed completely out of his element singing two religious however, criticisms of the film were not good, since to cut a 600-page novel into 120 minutes of cinema all the complexity is lost d (e) the history of Eco, and to simplify the story «The name of the rose» is nothing more than Agatha Christie in an Abbey. At the end of 2017 the RAI (Italian TV and Radio) announced its intention to adapt the novel of Eco to a more modern format that allows fresh air for both the mystery and philosophy: an eight-episode miniseries made in Italy and produced by Palomar , the Studio behind the international phenomenon «Commissioner Montalbano».

Castle Roccascalegna is one of the most spectacular in Italy the series started filming at the legendary Cinecitta studios in 2018, with a cast of actors Italian and American working in English for that adaptation has the largest possible global appeal. The exteriors were recorded mainly in the region of Abruzzo, and Abbey will be Castle Roccascalegna, in the province of Chieti.

William of Baskerville is a mixture of priest, philosopher and Sherlock Holmes chosen to interpret William John Turturro, Italian American actor known for starring in thousand films from mafia, as well as classics of cinema as «Barton Fink» was of the Coen brothers and the excellent miniseries «The Night of» HBO. The actor spent months preparing and currently is in Italy promoting the premiere.
«The novel of Eco is as relevant today as it was in 1980. The Church represents any power structure, could be the Government or politics. By that the Suppression of women, denial of the science, the topic of celibacy and the same philosophy. The idea that this isn’t more than a barrier to avoid any extremism.»

Turturro said that he preferred not to see the original movie to find their own way to the role of William. The role of his apprentice Adso is the ascending German actor Damian Hardung, with English Rupert Everett («the my best friend’s wedding») as the Inquisitor Bernardo Gui and the role of the Abbot the American Michael Emerson, famous for his villain Ben Linus on «Lost». This month were the first images of the series, seeking the cinematic beauty of other miniseries recorded in Italy as «The young Pope» and the recent success of «Great friend» HBO.

RAI is betting on co-productions, and «Great friend» has been a success on HBO director is Giacomo Battiato, experienced in cinema, television and even opera while being the English novelist Nigel Williams, author of the miniseries «Elizabeth first indent «with Helen Mirren, winner of nine awards Emmy.Lo which is interesting interviews that the team has given is that they refer to the work as a series, and not a miniseries, which could indicate that the adventures of Fray William extend to new seasons – although e» s difficult that someone dares to continue the work of Umberto Eco.La miniseries, «The name of the rose» opens March 4 at the RAI in Italy. In the following months you will see on different channels from around the world, including the BBC in England, Sundance TV United States and AMC in Latinoamerica.en this note:

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