translated from Spanish: For Ian McKellen, Kevin Spacey abused children by being in the closet

Ian McKellen is one of the most beloved players of the world of the cinema, thanks to two legendary characters: the powerful Wizard Gandalf in the «Lord of the rings» and «The Hobbit» and the ambi Guo villain Magneto from the series «X-Men» films. In England McKellen is a true institution of the theatre, an award-winning actor shakespeariano who starred in several television adaptations of the Bard’s work, and also a hero for the LGBT community since the day of 1988 which acknowledged his orientation sex in a radio program, campaigning against a law that would have banned talk about LGBT rights in the British media.

The National Student Pride event took place between 22 and 24 February this week McKellen appeared in the podcast #QueerAF, of the event National Student Pride LGBT rights of University students, and gave their opinion about the reason behind the cases of abuse by those who were denounced the actor Kevin Spacey (with which McKellen worked in theatre) and Bryan Singer, its director in the «X-Men» series.
«What they have in common is that they were in the closet. Then leave all your problems as people, and their relationship with the people. If they had been able to express their wishes, not they had abused anyone.»

McKellen is one of the openly gay actors most famous in the world of McKellen is a fairly common theory, and has been used for cases as disimiles as Michael Jackson or the constant allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church–but has no bra psicol ógico, since linkages between abuse and homosexuality have been challenged again and again by professionals. The APA (American psychologists Association) ensures that there is a trend more or less child abuse by LGBT families, and that child abuse is a matter of power that does not depend on sexuality. The persistent myth that relates to homosexuality and pedophilia tends to be used by homophobic seeking to argue its discriminatory position.

Raúl Björklund, Professor of chemistry of missions fired without cause by communicating their students who is married to another man the drivers program did not react negatively to the words of McKellen, who also responded to the question whether the defendant s will ever return to their careers. 
«I think that the public decides to do want to see someone accused of something that you do not aprobás?» If the answer is ‘no’, do not buy the entry or apaga television. Because there are other people that that does not matter.»

McKellen worked with Spacey when the American actor directed Theatre Old Vic the podcast was recorded with public, and the actor closed the conversation with a joke of dubious taste.
«Frankly, I’m hoping that someone accused me of something. I think that you would ask me if it is that they are not telling the truth or just forgot.»

Apart from the little wise of reviews, Ian McKellen commitment to rights activism LGBT is undeniable, and the reason for its presence in this podcast, a casual conversation in which not was asked to develop in-depth their point of view. And the strangest thing of these comments is that McKellen was one of the first to criticize the apology that Spacey wanted to dissociate from the accusations of Anthony Rapp (who alleges that the actor wanted to abuse at the age of 14, in the ‘ 80s). In this open letter, Spacey effectively left the closet, what McKellen was «reprehensible» because «trace a line between pedophilia and homosexuality». Today, perhaps without noticing, McKellen is doing something similar. A handful of unfortunate phrases does not make a man – especially to a 79-year-old man who has dedicated many of them to fight against the same myths that reviews feed. In the coming days McKellen certainly has the opportunity to clarify his words, as happened with the controversial statements of Liam Neeson of a few days ago.

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