translated from Spanish: Heraldo Muñoz: “do not let matters beyond our borders to divert our attention from the priorities in our country!”

the President of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, wrote in their social network “in the commune of San Joaquin, a policeman is shot to try to prevent an assault, and violent crime increased communes of poorest metropolitan region”. Faced with this situation the announced added categorically “not let matters beyond our borders to divert our attention from the priorities in our country!”, alluding to the excessive concern that in his view the Government has shown in Sebastián Piñera to Venezuela, something that had already pointed out during this weekend week. The fact to which it refers Muñoz is the State of gravity is a 28-year police officer, who received three shots during this Saturday night. The Servicewomen was Franco when he tried to repel an assault by a woman, in the passage Puyán of the commune of San Joaquin.segun said police, about 22:40 hours the officer moved with his mother and grandparents to a fire department bingo near his home. There, he met a person who was being a victim of a robbery with intimidation with a firearm, so came to his aid and identified himself as a policeman. “Proceed to the arrest of one of these subjects and a second lower a car and at a distance of about two meters, made him five shots with a revolver in the abdomen, into the chest,” said general Enrique Bassaletti, Chief of West Santiago in the face area bineros. From the ground and wounded, he shoots one of the antisocial, which caused her death. According to police information, the offender had an existing arrest warrant and had been involved in other crimes. The officer was taken to the police Hospital, where he had to undergo, because one of the bullets pierced her colon. While the officer is in serious condition, it has managed to be stabilized by the medical team. Meanwhile Pedro Bravo (20), one of the subjects involved in the assault, was on remand. The individual was formalized this Sunday for the crime of robbery with surprise and no robbery with violence as requested by the public prosecutor’s Office.

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