translated from Spanish: Parents reject law on vaccines; further measles

United States-although strict legislation is enacted by California in 2016 banning exemptions because of «personal beliefs» of children’s vaccines, some parents may be resorting to unethical physicians to avoid the new law. And that could be encouraging new and dangerous outbreaks of measles in the State, a recent study finds. In a report on an outbreak of this type that occurred at the beginning of 2018, «six patients vaccinated with measles had parents who had chosen not to vaccinate them during childhood», noted researchers led by Dr. George Han, of the Department of health Public of Santa Clara County, San Jose, California.Comienza the outbreak the outbreak began with a 15-year-old boy unvaccinated he contracted measles during a trip to United Kingdom and took him to California. The disease quickly spread to others through meetings in schools, Scouting events and a tutoring Center. The outbreak would have not happened if the children involved had received immunizations required by law, said the team’s have. The law was enacted because that large concentrations of parents «anti vaccines» were refusing to immunize their children, allowing that outbreaks of measles and whooping cough in that State occur over.
 But «the medical exemptions for reasons determined by individual physicians» are still allowed in the State, noted to have and their collaborators.

 In some cases, physicians are paying parents to produce false indications of medical exemption. In fact, a study published in the October issue of the journal Pediatrics found that the rate of medical exemptions in California increased by 250 per cent in the two years since the State banned personal exemptions. It is possible that this unethical practice has had a role in measles outbreaks described in the new report. why the rejection?
«Interviews with local authorities suggest that some students without contraindications to vaccines have received medical exemptions», scored the team’s have. They reported that two of the children infected in the outbreak had «received some medical exemptions spacious and identical to all vaccines from a physician located several hundred miles away from the residences of the patients». Pediatricians who reviewed the report condemned the practice immediately. «I think that it is unacceptable that there are doctors who try to profit from the fears of parents,» said Dr. Sophia Jan, Director of Pediatrics at the Cohen Pediatric Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York. «Although California did the right thing by eliminating exemptions to vaccines for personal beliefs, parents who fear vaccines clearly are finding a way to avoid the law.» Dr. Michael Grosso, Chairman of Pediatrics at the Hospital of Huntington for Northwell Health, in Huntington, New York, concurred with Jan, and added that «it is reasonable that State licensing boards take disciplinary action» against the doctors who sell fraudulent medical exemptions to parents what is measles?
 Measles is an extremely contagious infection, and rarely lethal, who at one point thought he was almost eliminated in United States, due to widespread vaccination of children with the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). But that was before the start of the movement «anti vaccine’ in recent years: it’s parents who shared the erroneous belief that routine vaccines of childhood in some way are connected with severe disorders of the development, such as autism. Rigorous scientific investigations have never supported such connections. Even so, the movement has spread shots. Alarmed by the recent outbreaks of measles and pertussis in areas where anti-sentiment vaccines it is strong, some States (including California) have been quick to enact legislation prohibiting exemptions for personal beliefs. With this, the number of issued medical exemptions has increased. According to Jan, «there are very few medical reasons by which a child can not receive vaccines». Having a child with a suppressed immune system is one of them, but «clearly there are no reports that there is a growing epidemic of children with suppressed immune systems,» he said. And to a greater number of children are not vaccinated, measles has an opportunity, said Grosso. «According to the Centers for Control and prevention of diseases (CDC) of USA, in 2019 already reported 159 cases of measles in 10 States», he said. «It’s a remarkable rise for the past two years: in 2017 alone there were 120 cases, and the following year, 372».
 «If the current rate continues the rest of the year, will be nearly 1,000 cases in our country,» said Grosso. «The most important variable in this equation is the number of children without immunization.»

 He also noted that «insufficient immunization in the United States is not a characteristic of poor communities, but of the rich who have studied». In many cases, said Grosso, parents with a high educational level have convinced themselves that know more than doctors and the scientific community. «There is a unique way of talking with parents about the safety of vaccines,» said Grosso. For example, «several studies have shown that emphasize nature serious diseases as measles actually makes that some parents are less likely to accept the vaccine,» he said. While both, measles remains a threat very real, to continue the current outbreaks in paragraphs hot anti vaccines in Oregon, the city of New York and other places. «This virus is highly contagious,» Grosso said. «Simply being in a room with someone who has had measles recently transmitted infection. And it is serious. Complications include pneumonia, brain infections and death.» The overview on the outbreak in California appears in the issue of March 1, the magazine of the CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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