translated from Spanish: Performs plastic surgery your cat as ugly

home world rare done a plastic surgery your cat as ugly photography / Video China-a woman of China took her cat to a hospital of animals to qu (e) to do an operation of Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid which consists of the aggregation of a crease to the eyelids, thus leaving a monolido appearance. And all this because women are infatuated and believed that the animal was not attractive enough.
As indicated by reports of local TV channels, veterinarians made a cut in each of the eyelids of the cat with a scalpel. The most terrible of this practice, considered animal abuse, is that many owners often let you you your pets, so they can participate in shows. Even if this endangers them, as reports the Republic website.

According to the web site Daily Mail, since it unveiled the case on Chinese television, there have been criticisms towards the owner of the cat in social networks.
One of the users published the following: «already even looks like the same cat. This is a simple torture.» Another said that the Act was «abuse of animals,» a complete disregard for the feelings of the poor cat.
Source: Daily Mail

Original source in Spanish

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