translated from Spanish: President of Enel Americas ensures that in “basically everyone knows it’s capitalization is required”

Enel Americas, Borja Acha, President spoke about the proposal to make a further increase of capital by US $3,500 million which will be used to pay debt and contingencies of the Brazilian subsidiary of the company.
“We were studying this operation long ago, even before the purchase of Eletropaulo. We are a growing company, and Enel Americas options after the separation of Enel Chile are different because Chile is no longer a developing economy, while in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru grow it is fundamental for companies. Why’d that he saw us as what we are: a long-term enterprise. We buy companies and we have become much more efficient and we have fulfilled all our commitments to the market,”he said in an interview with the daily El Mercurio.
“We’d like to continue to grow, there are opportunities in the region and we’d like to take advantage of them, but with the structure that we have we can do unless lower us the invesment grade is very limited.” We could go on as we are because we have a great company, but we want to take advantage of all the opportunities of growth and efficiency”, he added.
Acha also spoke about criticisms from minority shareholders: “we will explain to them the convenience of this enlargement of capital in Enel Americas, something of which all shareholders were already aware: that it is necessary to keep this company” still it was.”

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