translated from Spanish: The new Rambo movie premieres in September

for better or for worse, ‘Rambo’ is a flagship product of the industry of cinema of the 1980s. The first installment, of 1982, begins as the realistic drama of John Rambo, a veteran discriminated against by the police of a small town, and ends with a violent action sequence in which Stallone character basically popping people, kills to the Sheriff and commits suicide. Or at least, thus it originally ended. Before the premiere, Stallone decided to film a new scene in which Rambo was delivered to the authorities, change the end and begin one of the most lucrative sagas of the Decade.

The first installment of «Rambo» does not seem at all to the following subsequent films in the series leaving the sobriety of that first part to embrace the militaristic action that the character became famous. «Rambo II», 1985, is a fantasy in which Stallone returns to Viet Nam to rescue prisoners and avenge the honor of the United States. The third part, of 1989, does something similar in Afghanistan, and the fourth, released 20 years later, is so anachronistic that it seems like a parody of itself. Despite the commercial failure of the ‘Rambo’ of 2008, already 73 years old actor wants to give a dignified farewell to its second most beloved character (Rocky Balboa is well cared in the films of the series «Creed»).

The poster of the original film, when still it was called simply «Rambo V» the final film of Rambo is called «Rambo: Last Blood» (last blood) and Stallone went all 2018 filming it in Mexico, which apparently is the problematic country in fashion for the heroes of action g RINGOs. At least in this case Rambo will not be in combat for the United States, but that search mission save the daughter of a friend, kidnapped by a poster of the border. A kind of «Man on fire» without Denzel Washington.La friend of Rambo is Maria (the award-winning Mexican actress Adriana Barraza), who works at the farm of the father of the professional. You will know the eldest daughter of Maria, Carmen Delgado (the Spanish Paz Vega), a journalist investigating cartels in Mexico Rambo scenes and will do what it takes in order to rescue his sister.

At the beginning of the new film, Rambo retired to work on the farm of his father Stallone is very proud of his screenplay for this film, and describes it as his own version of «No is no place for the weak». The director is Adrian Grunberg, who began his career as Assistant Directors of the latest Mel Gibson movie and finally directed to Australian actor in his acclaimed debut, the low-budget action thriller «Get the Gringo». Grünberg is a kind of expert on the subject of filming in Mexico. It was part of the team of «Amores Perros», «Traffic», «Frida» and coincidentally, «Man on fire». He was also responsible for the scenes of Lito y Hernando in «Sense8», in addition to operating as first Assistant in all seasons of «Drug» filmed in that country.

«Sly» won best supporting actor Golden Globe for «Creed» Stallone was never considered a great actor, even in its time of greatest fame, but in recent years it has abandoned vanity, adding a poignant vulnerability to his characters – which warranted him a n «ominacion by»Creed»Oscar.» Last blood»is clearly a symbolic film for Stallone. The final battle of Rambo premieres in the United States from September 20, 2019, 37 years after the first part. In Argentina it has no confirmed date, but no room would want to miss this historic event of action films. And to think that none of this would have happened if Stallone decided to maintain the original depressing end.

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