translated from Spanish: The son of Jacobo Timerman shared a story about his father with Franco Macri

ran 1978 and Jacobo Timerman, founder and director of the newspaper La Opinion, was serving house arrest after being abducted and tortured by order of general Ramón Camps in 1977.Junto to it also had been born Enrique Jara and Enrique Raab, Assistant Director and journalist respectively, missing both. Timerman was able to get out of the clandestine detention centers but was subjected to a trial before a military court that despite acquitting him, declared that he should remain with home prison. In this context fits the anecdote that Javier Timerman – son of James and brother of former Foreign Minister Hector – revealed on Twitter, it also involves Franco Macri, who died last night.

«When my father was under house arrest in 1978, the consortium met to take my family from the building. A neighbor set up a scandal and defended my father getting to such villainy is no vote. That neighbor was Franco Macri. A gesture that many did not have», wrote in his account on the social network. In addition, the comments added: «returned to the Argentina after 40 years of living in New York. I want to live in a country where thinking different not turn into enemies, where differences make us stronger people and justice is not what it is today». In his words, Javier points against those who «celebrate» the departure of the entrepreneur. Clear left his position in another comment: in this note:

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