translated from Spanish: The year of the Dragon: the changes that will come in Hearthstone

Hearthstone, one of the great jewels of Blizzard, prepares to face a new year with many new and promising experience for a player «more large, deep and ambitious» qu (e) they have ever made. Content for a player will be released one month after the first update. The first episode will be free but the rest will cost 700 pieces of gold (or $20 for full adventure), and will include two new characters to use and three envelopes with letters from the collections of the year of the Dragon.pero Fort of the cole card game ccionables is the multiplayer aspect, so the company will begin the season sent nine letters to the Hall of Fame (out of the standard rotation) to promote balance. Among the most relevant Baku are the Devoralunas and Genn Cringrís, which could, according to the company, by strategies that have fostered «remove role» cards and systems that are going to add in the year of the Dragon.

The letters will not disappear, of course, but it will continue to be available in the format Wild.Otros minor changes include modifications to the Arena («let’s improve the selection list of the sand by removing and introducing sets twice by expansion»), the missions legendary («will include the date of reassignment»), a choice of random letter back and improvements in the automatic creator of decks (of which there will be news soon). You can read the complete changes in the company’s official blog. In this note:

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