translated from Spanish: They are Cayman over three hundred pounds in Georgia

United States.-an alligator with a weight of 317 kilograms (700 pounds) was found by a biologist in the State of Georgia, which many people saw that a reptile with this weight and great t there was Amano. The news became viral, but the alligator lived in Lake Blackshear and it was located in a ditch of irriigacion out of the Lake, according to the Department of natural resources (DNR in English) of Georgia.

The massive alligator had to be sacrificed by his ill-health as a result of several bullet impacts. | Pixabay according to Melissa Cummings of the Georgia DNR told First Coast News reptile measuring 3.96 m (13 ft) and 4 inches long and weighed about 700 pounds.
The biologist explained that the alligator had spent a week in the irrigation ditch, which is not a normal behavior of these animals. Later, met the animal moved and observed that it had several gunshot wounds, which led to the decision that must be sacrificed by his bad health condition.
According to the opinion of the specialist, reptiles can grow to this size in Georgia, and since these animals avoid humans, thought that they achieve an impressive size. There is another history of Cayman, which is considered the largest, which was hunted during the season of alligators of Georgia, and who achieved to be measured 14 feet long. This specimen was found in the Walter f. George Lake in 2015.tambien another record in a matter of weight alligator was hunted down in 2011 and weight 390 kg (860 lb) and 13 feet and 4 inches long. Georgia Wildlife fact sheet notes that reptiles of this region can grow up to 16 feet in length in the case of males and females grow up to 10 feet.

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