translated from Spanish: Thus the spectacular Naval Battle in the international Carnival of Mazatlan 2019 is lived

Mazatlan, Sinaloa-suede look thousands of people stationed along the Bay of Mazatlan, the sky lit up of thousand colors due to the traditional Naval combat, which formed a number of figures that caught the attention of attendees for 25 minutes.
At 23:00 started the feast of lights of this international Carnival of Mazatlan 2019, “Equinox: the rebirth of the senses”, which provided a spectacle that alluded to the Sun and the moon. Lights that remained trapped thousands of attendees, to enjoy the battle, arrived from noon to have the best location.
While some visitors and tourists could see it more closely, since they were in 30 catamarans offering walks along the Bay of Mazatlan. This feast refers to the heroic defense of the port that occurred in 1864, during the French intervention.
The event fulfilled its purpose, locals withdrew excited by the spectacle made up of lights, lasers and special effects. Prior to combat the burning of bad humor was held and burned Peña Nieto.

Photo Gallery: Thousands of people witnessed the spectacular combat Naval of the Carnaval of Mazatlan international. Photo Sergio Pérez Mazatlan sky lit up during the battle of the Carnaval of Mazatlan 2019. Photo Sergio Pérez the assistants were satisfied with the Naval combat 2019. Sergio Pérez Mazatlán this photo of the 2019 international Carnival party. Photo Sergio Pérez so was the heaven of Mazatlan during Naval combat 2019. Photo Sergio Perez the Naval combat started at 23:00 o’clock.

Thus the spectacular Naval battle was experienced in the international Carnival of Mazatlan 2019.

The Naval combat of the international Carnival of Mazatlan hard 25 minutes approximately. Photo Sergio Pérez in this note:

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