translated from Spanish: To strengthen citizen participation Act, Fermín Barnabas urges

home Michoacán to strengthen citizen participation law, urges Fermín Bernabé Morelia, Michoacán.-sound inclusion of Michoacan holdings raised the Deputy local District 10, Fermín Bernabé Bahena, through the strengthening of the law of citizen participation from the LXXIV legislature of the Congress of the State.
«We already have a law of citizen participation, but should strengthen it, mainly in the expansion of the responsibilities that accompany our auxiliary authorities,» noted also Deputy Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission and Citizen participation.
From the Committee in charge, noted, he will seek that auxiliary each municipality authorities have greater tools to assist in the growth of more broken boundaries, socio-economically speaking.
«If we establish more and better municipal development platforms, the municipalities of Michoacán have a more sensitive screening around the needs of the Michoacán», added the also a member of the Committee on justice.
Firmly Bernabé Bahena stressed the importance that, through the legislative branch, is working on the economic improvement of the municipalities of Michoacán with initiatives according to the deepest needs of citizens.

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