translated from Spanish: Trump believes that «Socialist» trend of Democrats favor re-election

After a week marked by the failure of the Summit with Korea in the North and the appearance of your exabogado before Congress, the President of the United States, Donald Trump made a triumphal entry into the stage of the Conference’s action p. ICA curator, or CPAC, held on the outskirts of Washington.
Trump focused his speech to criticise the «Socialist» tendencies of its rival Democrats, one of the favorite themes of Republicans in recent times. The President waved the threat of socialism, become a popular trend among the candidates for the Democratic nomination for the presidential elections of next year, something that increases your chances of being re-elected for a new billionaire presidential term next 2020.
«Socialism has nothing to do with the environment, justice, virtue. That is called the power of the ruling class», said the Republican President, who cited the example of Venezuela. «The future does not belong to those who believe in socialism,» he said. «It belongs to those who believe in freedom. United States will never be a socialist country. We believe in the American dream, not in the Socialist nightmare», continued.
Finally, the President used the occasion to defend his balance in front of the White House, highlighting the good data from the US economy and claiming that he was about to achieve funding from the stretch of wall that wants to build in the border with Mexico to halt illegal immigration. To his most faithful followers, retook the conservative themes that enabled him to reach the Presidency: a tough immigration policy, the anti-abortion legislation on weapons or a line maintenance.

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