translated from Spanish: Will continue to pay the property taxes

available Culiacan Mayor has given one while longer for people who have not covered the property tax payment, since due to the high demand of citizenship to comply with the payment, the Council determined that the pla zo will be extended one month more, without that increase fines and penalties, so the discounts will continue: 50 percent by dwell, 40 in shops and 80 per cent for pensioners, retirees and people with disabilities. If you believe that it is a good deed and wants to thank Jesus Estrada Ferreiro, call the fon (667) 169 76 56. > ideal landscape
in the community El Ranchito, in El Fuerte, are checking where you can find artists who painted rural nature and cochi na pa’ that are launched to their land because they have the ideal spaces pa’ which translate the environment. And they allege that the garbage truck does not happen for more than one year. There are neighbors who have stables in their yards and livestock gets to the other houses. And if this outside, the streets are filled with flies, botched, full of holes and without light. This believe they have all pa’ fall in to any artist. If you know someone who wants to relax painting these landscapes, take the fonazo to chaca of works and public services of the people magic, José Orduño Carlón, to the (698) 893 03 20. > specific profile
looking for Department of public highway in Guasave staff friendly, but firm character to keep traders who take their goods to sidewalks, invading the space for pedestrians. If you are interested in the chamba, just take the call to the Department, Mario Figueroa, the fon chaca (687) 871 87 00, pa’ which inform its extension, it seems that the relocation of some traders has not served much and sidewalks remain satur ADAS. > need an isolated
urgent race who wants to put an isolated pa’l course of the community of Santa Rita, in Angostura, where the race said that don’t last them the rims of trucks and each time are battling for the poor state of the road. And is that just see municipal administrations and, despite the fact that they have applied to make them a road pa’ go to the header, just has not fulfilled them. If you are interested in the pull, mark the Mayor Aglaeé Montoya, to (697) 734 00 04, pa’ see if you put the batteries. > livestock desperate
farmers in Escuinapa are well aguitados because the Secretary of agriculture and livestock in the State, Manuel Esteban Ta pa’rriba Urtuzuastegui, has not stopped those paths. And is that producers face one of its worst crises after the passage of Hurricane Willa, to the extent that some do not have wool pa’ buy pasture pa’ their animals and nor have the pa tool ‘ produce it. Why seek to Tarriba pa’ which support the subsidized food and granted funding to address drought looming. The secre takes it in the capital, so they can mark it to be (667) 758 71 70.

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