translated from Spanish: Baby Etchécopar: «judge Silvia Chomiez is known in San Isidro as ‘The sacapresos'»

in your program this morning on Radio 10 journalist did an editorial on the news that outraged the entire society: returned to stop the thief V Lucas azquez, one of the members who participated in the theft in the House of Baby Etchécopar in the 2012.Lucas (24) was convicted and had to be imprisoned but a judge freed him. «I six years once a month or every 15 days I say ‘ not largues it to Lucas Vázquez, is a criminal, a dangerous kind ‘, but she insisted every year in get it.» Vazquez is a trash who wanted to rape my daughter, that I shot in the throat and did not come off the shot, which left my son interned, this is Lucas Vázquez,»sentenced the driver.» Judge Silvia Chomiez is known in San Isidro as ‘The sacapresos’. «» I I will continue hitting of by outdoor living this woman by unfit, so it’s made «, added Baby.» «I today won’t you talk about Lucas to me doesn’t worry me because Lucas Vázquez ends within 3 years dead under the bullets of a neighbor or a police because it is meat of presidios, a Jet, a murderer», stressed.
«‘Eye this useless long you’ say employees of the Prosecutor’s office itself on it» «they corresponded him 30 years in prison, we went to an abbreviated gave 10.» When we presionábamos it a bit with my people the judge I was going back». «Annoys me so much Silvia in justice. Because you are the guarantor of the jets with the lives of others. Because you did not put the ass like my daughter, did not put the chest as my son, not put the leg as I, or life as my wife. It is the sacapresos because it is easier to be guarantees that fair. It disgusts me very much as a person. Disgusts me much what he did. At the end you started it, take it home. Why not adopt you? «, concluded.»

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