translated from Spanish: Financial Director of Huawei arrested in Vancouver will require to Canada

The Financial Director of the technological Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, china will require the Canadian Government to border authorities and the Federal Police for «violating her constitutional rights» after being arrested on December 1 in POI er, says Chinese State chain CGTN.
Advocates of the directive – daughter of the founder and CEO of the company, Ren Zhengfei – ensured that the authorities «seriously» violated their rights to arrest it, record it, and interrogate her for three hours.
Thus, Meng «seeks compensation for negligence in a public office and illegal detention,» according to a brief note released by the English version of the official Chinese television CCTV.
Meng was arrested in Canada at the request of the United States, who accused it of violating the sanctions imposed on Iran.
The Board of the technology giant is currently on bail, are not permitted to leave his mansion in Vancouver and will have to appear on Wednesday before the Supreme Court of the province of British Columbia to begin the process of extradition.
according to the Department of Justice, during the hearing of extradition, the prosecution will present «detailed arguments in their allegations, in which evidence will be presented and will be part of the public record».
This decision threatens to exacerbate the severe diplomatic crisis triggered between Canada and China already that, following the arrest of Meng, last December Chinese arrested two Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor.
the case of Huawei is taking place in full trade war between China and the United States and, although in no case bonding has been confirmed officially, China sees a direct relationship with the battle of tariffs that the two great powers have months starring in.

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