translated from Spanish: No State used in 2018 resources to search for missing persons

the National Commission to search for disappeared only served 6.6 million last year from weights of 468.9 which they had been assigned, i.e. 1.4%, and almost everything was for payment of person to the eventually, according to the expenditure of the budget of expenditure to the last quarter of last year.
More than half of the budget, which was to give subsidies to institutions, remained intact due to the lack of State commissions of search. No one asked for money.
Read: UN expert exhibit faults and contradictions of the Mexican State in the search for thousands of missing the National Commission of search (CNB) settled in March of 2018. Therefore, in the expenditure budget (PEF) of that year just stipulating its creation, and the money so appropriated in a transitory article of the Decree of PEF. 186.3 million pesos were allocated so that the Ministry of the Interior created a national body responsible for actions of persons, and other 282.6 million, carried out by the same Secretariat, to grant subsidies to searches in the States.
A year away and with a new Government, the current Undersecretary of human rights, Alejandro Encinas, accused the last Government do a simulation on the issue of missing persons for the little money that actually used. Although still lack definitive figures for the public account 2018, the progress of spending the fourth quarter, published by the Treasury, confirms that the Commission spent only 6 thousand 649 million 615 pesos.
Most of this money went to the departure of “remuneration to the staff”: 6 million 322 thousand 978, and in “Payroll taxes” was paid 186 thousand 405 pesos. The staff of the Commission was eventually, since the seats were never created or defined profiles, a task that was both Segob and the Ministry of public function (SFP) to make it clear what level salary and responsibilities would have each engaged public servant.
Even this amount used in wages, is half of what it was originally, budgeted nearly 12 million pesos, and was paid until the last quarter of the year. An ex of governance that asked not be cited confirmed that the first six months since the Commission was installed the people who came to work there not charged, even the own Commissioner.
The current holder of the CNB, Karla Quintana, explained in an interview that when she came to office, on 9 February, found himself with only 12 people working, and that although 43 seats, were already defined it has had to find people to fill those positions.
The spending of the Treasury report also shows that last year there was a game with 3.1 billion allocated to materials and office supplies, who was left completely without spending. The first two months of created the Commission, it had no offices, and until may 2018 assigned you a space of the building of the national population Council (Conapo), where it is currently located, although there are still no signs or logos that there works the CNB, which the date does not have website.
The only item that appears constant expense is airfare of public servants in the performance of official functions and committees. The second quarter is an exercise of 62 thousand pesos; the third, of 68 thousand; and the fourth, 140 thousand.
It was nothing of expenditure for searches in field in the budget money allocated to tickets and travel expenses “for work in field and supervisory”, but not spent even a single weight. In the second and third quarters of the year were tagged a total of 53.1 million to that purpose, but the reporting exercise of this money stayed in zeros. For the last quarter of the year, these items had been amended in the House of Commons down to only 320 pesos, nor used.
In accordance with an ex who requested anonymity, change holder in governorate, in January, 2018, and the fact that it was an election year, caused dependence did not give follow-up to the creation of the CNB and were more focused on closing the Administration and pass the estafeta to a new Government, therefore not managed before the Treasury resources to be released.
In addition, all the money that was labeled for States and that was more than half of the budget for people search, 282 million 592 thousand 800 pesos in total, remained undivided.
In accordance with the “guidelines for the granting of subsidies to the States for actions of persons”, published January 31, 2018, States had to draft a search, submit it to the Commission National, and apply this money to receive funding from the Federation, in addition to the budget that the entity itself would be allocation.
However, no State requested money. One of the problems is that not only the CNB started slow, but that the majority of search committees which, by law, would have to exist for a national system of search were not created at the local level. At the end of 2018, there were only eight local institutions, and no State Government Secretariat sought nor do search actions.
Political animal asked the new Commissioner on the examples last year to what Quintana replied that he can not confirm what happened, but certainly lacked political will and the budget was “poorest”. He promised, however, to promote the creation of local committees so that in a matter of months now yes sent subsidies for searches in the States.
For this 2019, the CNB has a budget of 400 million: 193 million 215 thousand 472 tagged in the heading “Comprehensive professional, scientific and technical services”, and other 207 thousand 576 million 512 pesos for “Subsidies to entities States and municipalities”.
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